787 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6, Canada 

I got recommended to go here by the locals if I wanted to try great Italian food I should visit Piva modern Italia in New Westminster, Vancouver. So I took their advice and one night I went! When I arrived the place was fully packed, they managed to squeeze me in by the bar. The restaurant really has modern touch to it’s interior design, it’s whole ambiance was fancy and modern. So my expectations was very high as I am sitting down.

The restaurant was very loud and the sound bounced off the walls with ease, which made conversations a bit hard. For me I prefer a bit calmer, so I don’t have to scream when I am talking. I am guessing this is a combination of not properly designed room and that the room also was full to it’s limit that night.

The service staff was nice, they saw me and directly approached me. They made sure in a nice way that I quickly got what I needed. Always made sure I had water and other drinkable fluids that I needed. This is of course one of those hygiene factor but nonetheless a lot of restaurants miss this opportunity. I felt really good taken care of.

The food was beautifully compiled, not just my food but I could see the other customers food as well,  and the presentation is top notch. You can also see their Instagram account as well that they have beautiful design on their food.

All though the food looked great and judging by the reviews from Facebook, they usually produce good food. But my dish was way to salty, it it looked and smelled delicious. So I was very surprised that the food didn’t taste as great as I had imagined. The ingredients they felt very fresh. Maybe I was just bad luck with my dish.

The pasta was “al dente”, together with the fresh ingredients it became a good sensation when chewing through every bite. The cream did it’s job as well and made the feeling very enjoyable.

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2.65 ⭐(4.0) Overall rating

Service 2.5⭐(4)
Presentation 3.0⭐(4)
Taste  1.8⭐(4)
Mouthfeel 3.1 ⭐(4)

Restaurant Piva modern Italia


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