I'm not a salad person but Freshii in south Stockholm, Globen makes a really good Caesar salad. It's fully packed during lunch hours especially between 11.30-12.15, if you come before or after you should be OK. Since this is more of a lunch restaurants you can take your food to-go or sit down in the restaurant’s sitting area.


The service is OK, but nothing extra and often it’s very hectic when you order, because they have a lot of customers coming through their restaurant. So the service can perceived a bit blunt and stressful.


Nothing really unique with the presentation of the food, all tough and this one of the things I like with Freshii, is that the food looks fresh.


As I said in the beginning, it’s one of the best Caesar salad, the ingredients doesn’t only look fresh they taste fresh as well. Which is kind of their concept, so it feels like an hygiene factor, still they do live up to their promise which is worth it’s ow weight. . The sauce combined with the fresh ingredients makes a great taste.


The fresh ingredients together with their crunchy croutons mixed with the sauce and bacon makes for a good feeling.

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2.2 ⭐(4.0) Overall rating

Service 1.9 ⭐(4)
Presentation 2.1 ⭐(4)
Mouthfeel  2.1 ⭐(4)
Taste 2,5 ⭐(4)

Restaurant Freshii


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